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Boating Safety Tips For Summer

Are You Ready For Summer On The Water?

Before you head out to take advantage of the summer, though, make sure you protect your fun by using these boating safety tips.

  • Check Your Life Jackets: Just having your life jackets on board will do no good if they are not worn. Ensure that they still fit all of your passengers correctly and have not experienced any significant wear since last season so that each person who boards your vessel will have the lifesaving gear he or she needs.
  • Get Educated: Take a boating safety course with the Coast Guard Auxiliary or U.S. Power Squadrons to eliminate one of the top five boating accident causes (operator inexperience). Bonus: Taking one of these courses can help you save on your boat insurance!
  • Review Your Coverage: So that an accident out on the water, while you are towing, or even in your driveway does not leave you facing a significant financial burden, take the time to review your boat insurance policy before you head out on the water this summer. This policy will also cover your liability, ensuring that an injury sustained on your boat does not injure your bank account.

Reviewing your boat insurance does not have to be a hassle. In fact, a quick and easy meeting with your dedicated insurance agent can help you zip up gaps in your coverage and even discover discounts. To get that kind of service, contact Agers Insurance. We are here to help buoy you no matter how the tides of life might change.