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Insure Your Winter Toys

There are many fun winter activities to enjoy during the colder months. However, don’t neglect to ensure these fun winter toys to protect you from high costs and headaches. Snowmobiles If you have a snowmobile, you need snowmobile insurance to help cover you in case of an accident because snowmobile insurance helps to pay for repairs to your snowmobile if it is damaged in an accident. Ensure your coverage has enough liability to protect you in case someone is injured in the accident and you are liable. ATVs If you have an ATV, you’ll want insurance coverage for off-road vehicles. ATV accidents can happen all year round, but the dangerous conditions of snow and ice make winter even more dangerous. Therefore, get insurance to help pay for any damage to your ATV. Other If you like to skate, ski or sled, there is no specific insurance for that, but you are protected if you have ... Read more

Update Your Insurance Policy When Getting A New Car

It is finally time to retire your old clunker of a vehicle. It is becoming too expensive to pay for the repairs, as you can actually save more money by purchasing a new car. As you look at all the shiny vehicles in the lot, you wonder if you need to buy a new insurance policy or if your existing policy while cover your new vehicle. The Facts About Car Insurance Put away your worries about car insurance. Your existing coverage will transfer over to the new car you are purchasing, even if it is a used car. The only thing that may change is the policy details, as the rate will be based on the new car you purchased. The insurance agent will review all the information and update the policy for you so that you will know what type of rate you will have to pay while having the ... Read more

3 Reasons Why a Parking Lot is More Dangerous Than a Public Road

Most of us, if not all, have had near brushes with harm and injury, due to careless or reckless driving in a parking lot. In fact, statistics show that there are more vehicle incidents that occur in parking lots than on the road, when factoring in an equal amount of miles driven on both. 3 Reasons Why the Parking Lot is More Dangerous Motorists tend to drive less defensively because of focus on finding a parking spot. Unscrupulous motorists are aware that public traffic laws do not apply on private lots. Most motorists park head-in. And, most of us are unskilled when it comes to driving backward, which comes to bear when clearing that parking spot. Agers Insurance Services provides the closest-to-perfect auto insurance coverage and service. Contact them for more information on the hidden dangers of driving in a parking lot and how to keep insurance premiums low. Read more

What Exactly is Umbrella Insurance?

When you are trying to determine if you have enough coverage for your car or home, you may discover that you are still unhappy with the protections available through your insurance provider. This is particularly true if you are worried about the actions of others, who may take you to court if an accident occurs. For that reason, umbrella insurance is available to help you organize your needs. Umbrella insurance is a term used to describe additional coverage you purchase for your car, home, boat or any other property. After your basic insurance plan pays for a certain extent of the cost involved when an accident occurs, the umbrella coverage will provide additional financial protection. In general, it is best to get protection for the majority of personal assets to protect properties from losses if you are taken to court or an accident that you cause costs more than your ... Read more

It’s Summertime! Make sure your recreational vehicles, boats, and motorcycles are insured.

When warm weather arrives, you want to get out and enjoy it. Before you do, take a minute to make sure you have the right insurance coverage. You don't want an accident to damage your financial future because you weren't adequately covered. Your boats, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles may have sat around all winter, but that doesn't mean they can just head out onto the roads and waterways without being checked over and tuned up. Take care of any necessary repairs, and then get a check up on your insurance coverage, as well. It doesn't take long, and can provide you with a lot of peace of mind. With properly insured vehicles, you won't have to worry about the financial implications if something goes wrong. No one wants to have an accident and you shouldn't be expecting it, but if it does happen that's not the time to find out ... Read more
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