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Is Your Policy Updated to Meet Your Needs?

A yearly review of your homeowners insurance policy will ensure you have the up to date insurance coverage you need. Changes in your home or personal circumstances may require updates to your policy to maintain your protection. After your yearly spring cleaning would be an opportune time to review your current coverage. Why Update Your Policy? Any changes to your home structure such as replacing a roof or improving your plumbing can alter your home insurance coverage. Home remodeling projects to include a kitchen or bathroom renovation, adding a new room or constructing a patio require an insurance upgrade to protect your assets. In the event of fire, water damage or other disaster, your renovations will be fully covered, enabling you to get the most from your financial investment. If you've received valuable gifts during the year such as expensive jewelry, electronics or collectible items, you may need valuable items coverage to ... Read more

Don’t Fall Victim of a Drowsy Driving Accident

You may think you are safe to get on the road after lack of sleep but according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy driving can be fatal, causing more than 100,000 crashes per year. If you work long hours or the night shift, are a commercial driver, use medications that cause drowsiness, have an untreated sleep disorder, or even regularly get fewer than 7 hours of sleep, you are at risk. Drowsy driving affects everyone but if you have one of these conditions you are likely more at risk. It is important to take some preventative measures if you know you are at risk at driving drowsy. If possible, get at least 7, preferably 9 hours of sleep each night. Also, try to plan ahead. If you are constantly traveling for business try to slowly adjust your sleeping times to match the clock at your next destination. Untreated sleep disorders ... Read more

Cars Most At Risk For Getting A Ticket

You've probably heard that red sports cars are more likely to get a speeding ticket than cars of other colors. According to the article "Cars Most Likely To Get a Ticket" on, this isn't really true. The drivers who are most often ticketed are middle aged men driving foreign-made cars, such as the Mercedes-Benz CLS-63 AMG or Volkswagen GTI. Compared to the average drivers, middle-aged men driving these vehicles are twice as likely to get a ticket. Even worse is the Hummer H2, which is almost three times more likely than average to get a ticket. Of course, the only true way to avoid getting a speeding ticket is to drive at or under the speed limit--regardless of what car you choose to drive. Although you may get to your destination more slowly than some others, safe drivers may be rewarded with lower insurance premiums. Wondering how you can lower ... Read more

Spring Boat Checklist

Spring is here, and if you have a boat that you’re ready to start-up and take out on the water, there are some important things you need to check first. Follow this checklist to make sure your boat is ready to set sail.   Fuel System Check for any leaks or damage to all parts of your fuel system, particularly hoses. Signs of damaged fuel hoses include cracking, brittleness or softness. Make sure clamps are properly secured, and if anything is damaged, replace it immediately. Propellers and Hulls Propellers can get dings, cracks or other defects that can cause damage to your drive train. Inspect your propellers for any of these signs and make sure it is properly secured. While you’re cleaning the hull, look for any cracks or blistering. Electrical System Inspect your electrical system to make sure everything is connected correctly and tightly. If you see any corrosion, that is a huge sign ... Read more

It’s Time To Prepare Your Car For Spring!

Thinking about taking a road trip this spring? It's time to get your car in proper working order. Prepare your car for spring by following these tips, found in the article "Top 10 Ways To Get Your Car Ready For Spring and Summer" on Perform Tire Maintenance. Check your tire pressure and look for cracks in the tires. Have the tires rotated at the mechanic. Test the wiper blades. During the rainy season, wiper blades can take a lot of abuse. Check your wiper blades to ensure that they still work properly, and have them fixed or replaced if need be. Oil change, filter check. Look at all your filters and change your oil if needed. Don't take any long car trips without fresh oil. Spring cleaning. Keep the inside and outside of your car looking fabulous. Clean under the seats, wash any stains from the seats, throw away any scraps of ... Read more
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