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Cut Auto Insurance Costs With A Good Driver Discount

How To Get A Good Driver Discount

Do you think your auto insurance is expensive? You are right. In fact, Californians pay some of the highest rates for the coverage of any state in the country. Compared to nearby states of Oregon and Nevada, we pay 50 percent more for our policies!

The good news is that there is a way you can save on your auto insurance, no matter which insurer you go with for your coverage. That is because there is a discount created by state law, captured in Section 1861.025 of the California Insurance Code, which dictates that as long as you meet certain requirements your insurance company is required to give you a good driver discount.

In order to qualify, you need to have had your driver’s license for at least three years in either the United States or Canada. During that time, you need to have been clear of being found “at fault” any accidents that caused injury or $1,000 of property damage. You also need to not have more than one point off your license or have been required to attend traffic school during the last three years in order to qualify for the discount. Ten years need to have passed since your last DUI conviction, also.

Once you qualify, you will be able to save 20 percent on your auto insurance! In order to keep this discount, you need to continue to be free of “at fault” accidents, points of your license, and traffic school.

Want to talk to an expert about how to secure your own good driver discounts and any other savings for which you might qualify? Contact Agers Insurance Services in Oakley for all of your auto insurance needs. We can help you get the best California coverage at the best price. Call us today!