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Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween

Its no secret that kids love Halloween, so ensure a safe one in Oakley, CA this year! Halloween is the perfect holiday for kids to dress up, indulge in sweets, greet the neighborhood, and enjoy the excitement that comes with the season! Young children or enthusiastic children can often forget the simple rules that ensure safety. For a safe Halloween, keep these tips in mind: Walk Safely Simple steps are: crossing the street at designated crosswalks, looking both ways before stepping onto the road, always walking on sidewalks, and teaching children to be aware of turning cars and making eye contact with drivers before crossing. Adult Supervision Young children should never trick-or-treat alone, but always have adult supervision. Adults can guide them to the correct streets, neighborhoods, and houses. Costume Safety Be sure that your child only uses plastics props, carries a flashlight, avoids masks, and does not have any dragging material that may cause a trip or ... Read more

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Flooding?

Know what your homeowners insurance policy covers in Oakley, CA. The biggest misconception about a homeowners insurance policy is that it covers the damage caused by floods. Typical homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage, and this can be a costly lesson to learn. Flood damage can not only destroy your personal belongings, but it can ruin the infrastructure of the home, causing it to become destitute. Water Coverage In the event of a pipe burst in the cellar, or some other household failure, your homeowners insurance may cover your flooded basement damage. For storm-related flooding damage, you will need flood insurance. It is important to note that most policies must be in place for at least 30 days to be in effect, so a last-minute purchase when you hear about flooding potential will be too late. Risk When determining if you should acquire flood insurance, you must asses your risk of floods. While ... Read more

Home Protection From Earthquakes

Rarely are people aware that basic homeowner’s policies do not provide earthquake insurance! Only 17 percent of California’s homeowners hold earthquake insurance, even though the whole state lies upon the San Andreas fault line. Scientists say that more big earthquakes are coming to California, as the residents should expect earthquakes averaging a magnitude-6.7 to occur every 6.3 years somewhere in the state. Although most homeowners insurance policies do not cover the damaged caused from earthquakes, earthquake insurance can protect you! Earthquake insurance is not known for being cheap; usually there is a 25 percent deductible. Unless you have major damage from an earthquake, the insurance won’t even kick in. But before you decide that you cannot afford earthquake insurance, consider if you can afford to rebuild your house if it were to be severely effected by an earthquake, replace the contents, and pay the temporary living bills. With the United States suffering ... Read more

Drone Insurance: Is It Worth It?

With the rise of drones flying around, claims, legal issues, and cases have increased. The small unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) industry has blown up in the commercial and personal market. From surveying land, to finding missing people, to filming content, drones have shown that they are diverse, affordable, and beneficial to businesses and individuals. It’s predicted that the rise of drones is only set to grow. The personal use of these drones has had a steady growing concern of violating privacy protection, data collection, and incidents such as faulty landings that have caused injuries or death. Even businesses are facing claims that the use of their drones cause invasion of privacy, though that is not their primary intent. Due to this rise of concern and accidents, more companies are developing liability insurance for drone users and operators. You may think you’re safe with homeowners insurance covering radio controlled aircraft, which drones technically ... Read more

Auto Insurance Gaps You Need to Know

Take note of what these two endorsements are in your current insurance policy. Every insurer should be aware of the gaps in coverage in these four endorsements. Auto Loan/Lease Gap This is a first party coverage intended for the benefit of the insured. The coverage allows the insured to satisfy its contract with the lienholder. The endorsement pays the difference between the amount paid by the physical damage coverage and the amount owed, although this only happens when there is a total loss. The payment is dependent on the value associated with the specific value. Expenses such as overdue payments, usage penalties, and security deposits are excluded from coverage. Consider this endorsement for all insureds with leased or recently-purchased vehicles. Rental Reimbursement When the insured suffers a first-party loss of a covered vehicle and cannot use the vehicle until it is repaired, a replacement car should be provided. Rental Reimbursement Coverage is designed to reimburse the ... Read more
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