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Agers Insurance Services Tells you How to Prepare for An Emergency

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Agers Insurance Services encourages you to prepare for any disaster. We have policies that pay for damages occurring after a fire, flood, tornado or hurricane. Depending on the contract you sign, you can even receive compensation for earthquake repair.

However, we also ask you to do your part. Four things you need for an emergency include as follows:

  1. Water and hygiene supplies – Store it in well-sealed bins and set aside some purification equipment (i.e. a boiling pan and bleach) to keep it pure. Rotate your supply often to keep it fresh. Make sure you also store up some toothpaste, soap and shampoo as well as grooming supplies.
  2. Food — Whatever you need for survival gather and store in a safe, dry place in your home or garage. You need non-perishable canned vegetables and dry meals that supply nutrients for at least a few days. Make sure you accumulate enough for your entire family plus your pets.
  3. Important documents and cash – Make sure you place a copy of your homeowner’s insurance safe in a binder. This will help you come time to make a claim. Also keep your driver’s licenses, birth certificates and cash hidden just in case you need it.
  4. Clothing and utilities — Add a few blankets, some clothes and any portable cooking items you can use during a power outage. Keep all medical supplies and phone numbers secure in this emergency station, too. If you have a portable heater or some battery-operated fans, include them.

To prepare for an emergency in Oakland, CA please contact Agers Insurance Services . We have the coverage you need.