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Advice from Agers Insurance Services — Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Company Location

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Agers Insurance Services loves to help companies succeed. Part of that is in helping them find the most reasonable employee benefits package and business insurance rates. As a result, they keep more of the profit they make. However, building location and condition also makes a difference. 

Use these five criteria when choosing a place to do business: 

  1. Choose a place safe enough yet has public transportation nearby.
  2. Find a street that has a lively nightlife so co-workers have places to socialize nearby.
  3. Provide enough amenities at the workplace to help people feel like they belong there.
  4. Make sure the building is well-kept and does not present any health risks or dangers.
  5. Offer employee parking close enough to your building.

If you want to keep your Oakland, CA employees protected and healthy, provide them with the best coverage possible. Contact Agers Insurance Services today.