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5 Tips for the Ultimate Motorcycle Road Trip

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Fall is a great time for a motorcycle road trip. When you head north, you get a chance to see the bright colors of changing leaves and to sample favorite fall foods. And, as a bonus, the cooler weather makes safety gear more comfortable. To have the ultimate motorcycle road trip:

Use review sites like Yelp to find the best places to eat and see along your route.

Make friends online in places before you go by making connections in motorcycling forums.

Find out about seasonal festivals along the way.

Bring a low temperature sleeping bag with liner so that you are ready for unexpectedly cold nights.

Bring a jet stove or other lightweight camping stove. There’s nothing like hot coffee at your camp site on a brisk morning.

Update friends and family on Facebook or Foursquare so that they can virtually accompany you on your ultimate road trip.

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