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4 Tips for Memorial Day Safety in Oakley, California

memorial dayThis Memorial Day weekend may be filled with family fun, maybe some travel, and outside grilling for sure. Here are four tips to ensure your safety during the holiday:

#1 – Fire hazards: Always keep a fire extinguisher at the ready. It will be needed immediately during an emergency fire situation.

#2 – Children: Never allow small children to go near the grill; they are susceptible to burns and should be supervised closely if they do come near the grill.

#3 – Clean the grill: To reduce the risk of a fire hazard and to make sure the grill is clean before adding fire and food.

#4 – Food safety: It is imperative that meat is cooked as required; if unsure refer to the USDA guidelines.  Keep dairy and cold foods chilled until serving. It is best to keep coolers outside for iced down food and drinks.  Note – keep plenty of ice on hand.

With these tips, your Memorial Day weekend should be safe and full of good food and relaxation. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby, keep those kids at a fair distance, clean that grill, and make sure the food is prepared property. With all of your delicious food, your only dilemma on Memorial Day weekend should be whether to keep your BBQ recipe a secret or not.

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