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Preparing the home for fall

When the temperatures start to dip, many people scramble to get in every bit of summer fun they can before it's too late. But the end of the summer is about more than fun, especially if you're a home owner. With autumn looming, it's time to get some things ready around the house and yard before that next change in seasons. On the outside of the house, checking your gutters for any debris is important to keep them functional throughout the winter. You should also check your sidewalks and driveway for cracks and uneven spots and get those taken care of as well. Inside you'll want to take those first steps toward weather proofing. Check for cracks around windows in order to keep them working efficiently. Furnaces and fireplaces will also need to be checked, because is either of these are dirty it will not only make them less efficient, but ... Read more

What are the different types of life insurance?

Anyone looking to obtain life insurance should understand not only the fact that there are different types of policies available, but know what each policy offers. The type of life insurance one obtains is really dependent on their age, and how much premium they are willing to pay. Term Life This is often the most popular policy because it is usually the most affordable. Policyholders select a specific term for their policy and the policy does not accrue a cash value. Those under the age of 40 should think about this policy. Whole Life The premium for this policy remains the same for the duration of the policy. A cash value also accrues though control of its investment is not controlled by the policyholder. This is more expensive than term life. Variable Life The most expensive policy, variable life allows policyholders to choose where the cash value is invested. What you gain is determined by ... Read more

Update Your Insurance Policy When Getting A New Car

It is finally time to retire your old clunker of a vehicle. It is becoming too expensive to pay for the repairs, as you can actually save more money by purchasing a new car. As you look at all the shiny vehicles in the lot, you wonder if you need to buy a new insurance policy or if your existing policy while cover your new vehicle. The Facts About Car Insurance Put away your worries about car insurance. Your existing coverage will transfer over to the new car you are purchasing, even if it is a used car. The only thing that may change is the policy details, as the rate will be based on the new car you purchased. The insurance agent will review all the information and update the policy for you so that you will know what type of rate you will have to pay while having the ... Read more

3 Reasons Why a Parking Lot is More Dangerous Than a Public Road

Most of us, if not all, have had near brushes with harm and injury, due to careless or reckless driving in a parking lot. In fact, statistics show that there are more vehicle incidents that occur in parking lots than on the road, when factoring in an equal amount of miles driven on both. 3 Reasons Why the Parking Lot is More Dangerous Motorists tend to drive less defensively because of focus on finding a parking spot. Unscrupulous motorists are aware that public traffic laws do not apply on private lots. Most motorists park head-in. And, most of us are unskilled when it comes to driving backward, which comes to bear when clearing that parking spot. Agers Insurance Services provides the closest-to-perfect auto insurance coverage and service. Contact them for more information on the hidden dangers of driving in a parking lot and how to keep insurance premiums low. Read more

Ensure Your Condo Is Protected With Condo Master Policy Insurance

Condos are interesting investments. While you may own the unit itself and can make changes to it, someone else owns the building as you must adhere to a condominium association's by-laws. The ownership of the condo is usually detailed in the master deed. When it comes to commercial insurance, it may fall on the unit owner to have the right coverage for the property. While the association has overall management of the building, it may be your responsibility to insure everything in the condo from the walls to the floor. It will all depend on who manages the association and how much risk they take on with maintaining the conditions of the property. As a unit owner, you want to make sure your condo investment is protected from fire, flood, theft and other hazards. Condo Master Policy Insurance can protect you if the insurance policy the association has does not, especially ... Read more
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