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Family Safety During the Fourth of July Holiday

There are plenty of fun events in store for families in Oakley during the Fourth of July holiday this year.  Families from all over Northern California will be participating in the lineup of great recreational activities that include everything from rodeos to barbecues, hiking, camping, fishing and live music,  to name but a few. Of course, safety is at the forefront of a successful holiday celebration, so celebrants should take precautions to maintain their personal safety and that of their children.  For instance, everyone should have a hat and plenty of sunscreen to ward off the harmful rays of the sun while playing outdoors. If boating, there should be ample life jackets on board.  Keep alcoholic beverages on shore and remember that the waterways can be more populated during the holidays.  For everyone’s safety, boaters should exercise courtesy and respect toward other water vehicles at all times. Closed-toed shoes are best to ... Read more

Tips for Maintaining a Car During Summer

The warm months of summer are the perfect time to get out of the area and enjoy a road-trip with the whole family. The problem is that the changing temperatures can mean that certain concerns may arise. Fortunately, there are ways to protect and maintain a vehicle during the summer season. Start with Insurance Traveling in a car for long distances can mean that the current auto insurance is not appropriate for the situation. Evaluate coverage before making any plans for the season. If a long trip is expected, then update coverage for additional protection during a road-trip. Check the Tires Never go on a long trip without checking that the tires are ready for the drive. If the vehicle has winter tires, then change them to all-weather or summer tires. Fill up the air in the tires if it is necessary. It is dangerous when the air in the tires is low or ... Read more

Tis the Season for More Construction Jobs

The coming summer season involves more construction projects--and more workplace injuries. This makes it a good time to review your commercial insurance coverage to learn if it is sufficient or needs some protection updating. While fatal accidents, like those that have occurred during construction for the upcoming World Cup Tournament in Brazil, there are many other risks that garner less media, but present common dangers. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) stairways and ladders are a primary source of injuries, sometimes fatalities, for construction workers. OSHA estimates almost 25,000 injuries annually from falls on stairways and ladders used during construction projects. Around one-half of these accidents result in lost time off the job. This data confirms the inherent hazards involved in using temporary stairways and ladders during construction. While these injuries seldom make the evening news, they can be just as devastating to the workers and their employers ... Read more

4 Tips for Memorial Day Safety in Oakley, California

This Memorial Day weekend may be filled with family fun, maybe some travel, and outside grilling for sure. Here are four tips to ensure your safety during the holiday: #1 – Fire hazards: Always keep a fire extinguisher at the ready. It will be needed immediately during an emergency fire situation. #2 – Children: Never allow small children to go near the grill; they are susceptible to burns and should be supervised closely if they do come near the grill. #3 – Clean the grill: To reduce the risk of a fire hazard and to make sure the grill is clean before adding fire and food. #4 – Food safety: It is imperative that meat is cooked as required; if unsure refer to the USDA guidelines.  Keep dairy and cold foods chilled until serving. It is best to keep coolers outside for iced down food and drinks.  Note – keep plenty of ice ... Read more

Is Your Policy Updated to Meet Your Needs?

A yearly review of your homeowners insurance policy will ensure you have the up to date insurance coverage you need. Changes in your home or personal circumstances may require updates to your policy to maintain your protection. After your yearly spring cleaning would be an opportune time to review your current coverage. Why Update Your Policy? Any changes to your home structure such as replacing a roof or improving your plumbing can alter your home insurance coverage. Home remodeling projects to include a kitchen or bathroom renovation, adding a new room or constructing a patio require an insurance upgrade to protect your assets. In the event of fire, water damage or other disaster, your renovations will be fully covered, enabling you to get the most from your financial investment. If you've received valuable gifts during the year such as expensive jewelry, electronics or collectible items, you may need valuable items coverage to ... Read more
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