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Finding the Right Life Insurance for You

Less than 30 percent of all Americans own a life insurance policy.  Anyone with dependents should consider the importance of purchasing a life insurance policy that would replace the annual income if the unthinkable happened.  These life characteristics should be considered: Home ownership Business ownership Family age College-bound children Age of the insured Term life insurance is the most affordable type since the policy will not build cash value from a portion of the premium, which is the case with whole life insurance.  Financial advisors recommend annuity policies with a death benefit for people with sufficient funds to invest.  Each type of life insurance has advantages that should be discussed with your insurance agent.  Additional policies can be added to the portfolio, as family needs change. Acquiring life insurance should happen early in life to establish insurability while your physical health is good.  Pre-existing medical conditions cause rates to rise.  Insurers can refuse to underwrite life ... Read more

The Road To A Happy Retirement

What is your vision for a happy retirement? For some people, it involves taking long vacations and getting a chance to visit all the places they wanted to see when they were younger but too occupied by work and the demands of raising a family. Others look forward to spending more time with grandchildren or taking up new hobbies. There are many definitions of a happy retirement, according to a recent article posted at the Allstate blog, which notes that there are some investment options worthy of your consideration. For one, check that your 401k will meet your upcoming financial needs, and that you can make contributions easily without having to withdraw funds early. It’s safe to say that an IRA is one of the more popular investment tools for people preparing for retirement, because most or all of your contributions will be tax deductible. A deferred annuity lets you make a single ... Read more

What Exactly is Umbrella Insurance?

When you are trying to determine if you have enough coverage for your car or home, you may discover that you are still unhappy with the protections available through your insurance provider. This is particularly true if you are worried about the actions of others, who may take you to court if an accident occurs. For that reason, umbrella insurance is available to help you organize your needs. Umbrella insurance is a term used to describe additional coverage you purchase for your car, home, boat or any other property. After your basic insurance plan pays for a certain extent of the cost involved when an accident occurs, the umbrella coverage will provide additional financial protection. In general, it is best to get protection for the majority of personal assets to protect properties from losses if you are taken to court or an accident that you cause costs more than your ... Read more
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